Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, people across the world have been talking about the life of women in the country. How they are forced to live under strict restrictions in the garb of Islamic law.

From what they wear to where they work and how they educate themselves, the Taliban is al set to change the face of Afghanistan. The country and its people were not what we see or hear today.

It was different. Progressively different. Recently Afghan women took to Twitter to showcase what the traditional Afghan attire looked like as opposed to the one (burqas and niqab) imposed by the Taliban.

It’s an entire campaign on Twitter with the aim of protesting against the Taliban diktats and curbing women’s freedom of speech and expression. 

Someone even shared a portrait of Afghan women in colourful traditional attire.

It seems that the burqa was never a part of women’s clothing in Afghanistan. Women wore all sorts of colourful clothes. What have we done to the country and its women?