War and violence are sure to leave a deep impact on the nation and its society at large. Afghanistan has endured decades of violence. It is now desperately struggling to leave its gruesome past behind and move towards peace.

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Toys causing injuries

In a recent development, Afghan authorities decided to ban toy guns which fire BB pellets and rubber shot. These guns have led to eye injuries in 184 people during the Eid ul-fitr holiday, which includes mostly children.

Reducing violent tendencies

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Moreover, decades of war have left behind a legacy of a deep psychological impact on the society. The move can also be seen as one to wash off all traces of past conflicts from the war torn country. Children being drawn to a trigger happy mentality is the last thing which Afghanistan needs right now.

Parents welcome ban

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Ever since the ban came into effect, police have been instructed to search shops and seize toy guns from children. Parents welcomed the ban as a step towards reducing violence in the country marred by the Taliban insurgency.

The growing trend of toy guns among children for games like ‘police and Taliban’ is said to be a negative impact of the ongoing turmoil.