After the Uttar Pradesh Police were made to frantically search for senior Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan’s buffaloes, the family of BJP’s former union minister and Agra MP Ram Shankar Katheria have now lodged a police complaint seeking to find their pet dog who has been missing for the last three days. And they are hoping for the same efficiency. 

After the family couldn’t find Kalu, a one-and-a-half year old Labrador, Dr Mridula Katheria, the wife of the BJP leader, lodged a complaint with the Agra police on Friday, claiming that the dog was “abducted by unidentified men from the former minister’s house” reports Indian Express.

She told the Times Of India, that they weren’t sure about whether the dog had been abducted or went away on his own, and their efforts to find him for three days had yielded no results. 

She also said that their other dog Bhoora had not eaten anything for the last three days as he too was missing Kalu.

She also had this very powerful argument why the police should find Kalu at the earliest: 

Seven buffaloes were stolen from a barn owned by Azam Khan in Rampur on January 31, 2014, following which dog squads, crime branch sleuths and police personnel were put on the job to find them.

The bovines were rescued after an intensive overnight search and five persons were nabbed.

The police has said that they will investigate the matter first and then file an FIR if needed. 

But a police official said that there will be no special team to probe the matter like in the case of Azam Khan’s buffaloes. The BJP MP might not be very happy about that. 

(Feature image source: Twitter)