The 10th standard Board Exam results came out last week, and lots of students and their parents are celebrating the scores. But in Mumbai, a family is mourning the loss of their daughter who passed away even before she could know how well she had scored in her exams.

Kejal Pandey, a 16-year-old girl from Thane, scored a whopping 8.6 CGPA in her 10th standard. However, she lost her life in a road accident in April even before she could know this.

The marring accident happened while she was riding pillion with her mother, and a car overtaking them knocked them off their vehicle. Kejal was pronounced brain dead as soon as she reached the hospital.

The accident has been brutal on the family members and everyone around her. But they still made the bold decision of helping out other people who were fighting for their lives.

Without thinking twice, her parents decided to donate her organs. The donated organs gave new life to 3 people, including a 14-year-old boy from Mumbra.

Speaking to TOI, Shyamakant Pandey, Kejal’s father said,”It is so hard to get used to the fact that she is not here anymore. By donating her organs, we feel like she’s still alive and amongst us. We didn’t have the heart to check her result.”

The Principal of Arunodaya Public School, where Kejal was a student had just kind words for the young girl who could not live to see the fruits of her hard work. She told TOI, “She was an all-rounder and a very bright child. She has been with the school for several years and was always a very well-mannered child.”

Kejal’s best friend remembers her as a smiling girl, always bringing positivity to everyone around her. “She died almost 10 days before her birthday. She was always full of life, entertaining everyone. She was my best friend and it is so hard to not have her around”, said Madhura.

Kejal’s dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant will never take wings, but she will continue to live on through other people whose lives she saved.

All images from TimesOfIndia