Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, who was released from prison this morning, stated that he is not a terrorist and wants to leave behind the bitter memories of being convicted in connection with the 1993 serial blasts case.

“I am not a terrorist. I have been acquitted of charges under TADA and conspiracy. The Supreme Court had also acquitted me under (IPC) section 120-B of conspiracy and TADA. I got the sentence under the Arms Act,” the 56-year-old actor said,
  • addressing the media after returning to his home in suburban Bandra here.
“I request the media that whenever they write or mention anything about me, don’t write 1993 blasts case before my name… I’m not into it,” Dutt said.
  • The “Munnabhai” fame actor, who walked a free man today out of the prison, said,
“For 23 years I have been waiting for this moment… for freedom. I did everything (followed the law). It’s a feeling that will take a while to sink in.”
“I miss my father (Sunil Dutt) today. I wish he was alive to see this day…if he would have been (alive), he would have been the happiest person,” he said.
b’Sanjay Dutt walking out of Yerwada jail’
  • After landing in Mumbai, the 56-year-old actor visited the Siddhivinayak temple and his mother Nargis Dutt’s grave.
“She (Dutt’s mother) passed away when we were very small. I went to seek her blessings as I am a free man today,” he said.
  • Soon after stepping out of the Yerawada prison near Pune where he had been lodged since 2013, Sanjay kissed the earth.
“I love my dharti maa…I am born here, I’m proud to be an Indian,” he stressed.
b’Sanjay Dutt’
  • When asked about Justice P D Kode having absolved him of the terror tag and conspiracy in the blasts case, he said,
“The court had said I am not a terrorist. That was a big thing. I wish my father was alive to hear this. Even the Supreme Court had endorsed it.”
  • On the criticism over he being granted remission and the furloughs availed by him while serving the sentence, Dutt said,
“It’s a misconception (that he got preferential treatment for leaves). It has nothing to do with me being a celebrity as I was also not allowed to do many things. May be, it (celebrity status) went against me.”
b”Sanjay Dutt after visiting his mother’s grave”
  • When asked how was his last day in jail yesterday, the actor said he did not sleep and he even did not have food for the last four days.
“I was like I will be out of jail…not come here again (jail).”

All images sourced from PTI