First Subramanian Swamy decided he wanted Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian to be sacked. But Finance Minister Arun Jaitley defended the economist who was hired after the Modi government was elected and said there was no question of entertaining Swamy’s demand. 

Obviously Swamy struck back. 

The Rajya Sabha MP took to Twitter to tweet his displeasure and strengthen the case for Subramanian’s removal. 

So he first tweeted a report about what Subramanian had done in the past: 

He followed it up with a column Subramanian had written about PM Narendra Modi in the past that wasn’t exactly complimenting him: 

Then tweeted that he was ‘suspending his demand’ for the Chief Economic Advisor’s given that Subramanian was considered an asset by the BJP government: 

Unfortunately for the BJP government and Subramanian, Swamy hasn’t made it clear for how long he intends to keep the demand suspended. 

(Feature image source: Reuters + PTI)