Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Sunday advised channels to cover Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi incidents with responsibility.

And by responsibility, they meant DON’T COVER THE ATTACKS like the Indian channels do it.

PEMRA, in a press release, said the media was expected to cover the events with utmost professional responsibility keeping in mind that any irresponsible or hyper attitude at this stage could jeopardize the ongoing National Action Plan (NAP).

“Pakistani media needs to follow the example of professional handling of Brussels attacks by international media rather than following in the footsteps of Indian media that is driven by crass commercialization.

“We expect that Pakistani private TV channels will express with their commitment with the country and national morale by their acts instead of pursuing for ratings through hyper marathon transmission which sends across a message of uncertainty about Pakistan to the national and international audience.”

Like all Pakistanis, PEMRA said it was the media’s responsibility as well to play its positive role with professional responsibility at such testing times.

And given how things are going downhill in India, PEMRA might just be making a very valid point.