Ab inhein dawa ki nahin, dua ki zaroorat hai.

This is one of the concepts Indians have internalised, thanks to Bollywood – that when medicine doesn’t work, praying does.

Now, we all know Corona virus has spread all over the world and that there is no solid cure for it.


So, we Indians have come up with the only solution in sight. No, it’s not shutdown like they have enforced in Italy or public meetings by health officials in America. 

For us, it’s keertan.

Facebook/Sushil Mittal

In a video that has emerged from Rajasthan, a group of women can be heard singing Corona Bhag Ja Bharat Tharo Kain Kam Re.

Which translates to: Corona go away, there’s no work for you here in India.

That’s another very Indian thing. Ki hamare ghar mein na ho, baaki we don’t care.

Earlier, there were reports of people putting masks on idols in Varanasi, lest the Gods catch the virus.

While the government and officials in medical field are trying their best to stop the cases from increasing, regular Indian citizens have come up with their own interesting ways to fight the epidemic. No issues if these tricks actually end up working.