After making headlines for hitting an Air India staff with slipper, Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad has claimed innocence in the Parliament.

While speaking in the Lok Sabha, Gaikwad accused the airline staff of misbehaving with him. Accusing the media of sensationalising the issue, he said he was speaking to clarify his stand on the controversy.

He also said that he pushed the Airline employee out of anger, after he misbehaved with him. He also accused the airline staff of using inappropriate language against the country. 

This is Ravindra Gaikwad on March 23, right after he assaulted the Air India staff. 

This is him in the Parliament today. 

He further said that “those who used abusive language against me and the country are roaming free and I’ve been banned  from flying by all airlines.” 

Gaikwad claimed that his basic rights are being encroached and pleaded the speaker to interfere in the matter and help him. 

He openly asked how the Delhi police could file an “attempt to murder” case against him? 

Claiming his innocence, he asked, ‘why he is being punished? ‘ 

He further said that the Air India manager insulted all MPs and not just him so they must issue an apology to the entire parliament.  

He said he had booked a business class ticket on the flight from Pune to Delhi. However, his ticket was wrongly converted from Business to economy class by the airline staff who allotted his seat to a senior citizen. 

He even refuted Air India’s claim that he physically assaulted the staff.

On the contrary, he accused the Air India staff of insulting him and saying ” you may be an MP but you’re not Prime minister of the country’. 

During the speech, he equated Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to his mother and said he expects her to do justice to him.