The government is assessing how to bring Vijay Mallya back to India and start judicial proceedings against him, Union Minister Santosh Gangwar said today on a day when the defaulter businessman was arrested in London and released later on bail. 

“We are now assessing the facts (as to) how we can bring him back into the country and start judicial proceedings against him,” he told reporters .The government, he said, will leave no stone unturned to bring to justice anyone indulging in financial irregularities. 

“During Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Nodi had talked about bringing black money back… and of strong steps against economic offenders,” he said. 

With Finance Minister Arun Jaitley reportedly taking up Mallya’s extradition with the British Prime Minister during her recent visit, Minister of State for Finance Gangwar said loans to the controversial liquor tycoon were granted by public banks during the previous UPA regime. 

Mallya, 61, who has been pursued by India over unpaid loans tied to his now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines, was arrested in London, but granted bail today. Since Mallya left the country, the government has been looking at steps to bring him back, he said. 

b’Vijay Mallya/Source: PTI’

“We will not take any such step which could make it appear that we are going against law, and we will not leave any offender who falls under Indian law,” Gangwar pointed out. The government has taken steps to recover the loans and “what happened today is part of that move”. “We are taking stringent steps and will not protect any offender,” he emphasised. 

Asked about bringing other offenders to India, he said it is in process. “The Modi government will leave no stone unturned if anyone is indulging in misappropriation of funds. We are entering into treaties with other countries so that offenders cannot flee. We are on a path to bring the matter within the judicial purview and will assess it further,” he said.