With its quirky interiors and handy conveniences, this auto rickshaw makes for a ride you can’t afford to miss the next time you are in Mumbai. Everything you can possibly ask for, this auto is equipped with, including wifi and ashtray. 

And not only does it not charge you extra for the comforts, the ‘famous’ vehicle recently became the first rickshaw to be equipped with a swipe machine to tackle passengers’ cash woes that tellingly became a way of life post demonetisation.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, with business dipping by 50% post demonetisation, Sunil Kumar Singh decided to equip his auto with a POS machine. He got Rs 18,000 from his brother and bought the machine that apart from helping him revive his earnings, earned him a fair deal of loyal passengers. 

Singh, who hails from Bihar’s Samastipur, told Mirror that about 70% of passengers prefer to pay through Paytm and even though he loses 0.75% of fare if a passenger uses his debit card and 1.75 in case of credit cards, it doesn’t bother him. 

He told the newspaper that demonetisation might be for good but he got the machine purely for the purpose of making as much money as he used to prior to the cash-crunch.  

Singh stays in Mumbai with his brother and has equipped his auto with multiple facilities including LCD, mineral water, newspapers and magazines since he bought it in 2014. 

(Feature image source: Twitter/MumbaiMirror)