As rampant reports of eve-teasing and harassment of women come almost on a daily basis, a young Agra girl set a new example of protesting against the security of an Uttar Pradesh politician, who allegedly had winked at her and broke her mobile, NDTV reports.

According to a video clip gone viral, Sadhvi Pandey is seen atop the Mercedes of Abhinav Sharma, a member of ruling Samajwadi Party, whose security-man, according to Sadhvi winked at her when she was on a scooter with her sister waiting at a traffic signal. The girl alleged when her sister tried to take a photograph, the man snatched her phone and smashed it to the ground.

Dressed in pink salwar kameez, head covered with a dupatta, Sadhvi, who is in her 20s, drew huge crowds as she stood angrily on the bonnet of the expensive car, the NDTV report reads.

The girl refused to come down till she had been handed an apology and Rs 6,500 to pay for a mobile phone allegedly smashed by the security personnel of the politician.

“If lawmakers will indulge in these acts, what will the public do? We stopped the car to tell them of the gunner’s action but instead of reprimanding him, they broke my sister’s phone,” she said.

It is not clear whether Abhinav Sharma was in the car at the time. In the video, a man in a white kurta pyjama is seen getting out of the car as crowds surround it, encouraging Sadhvi and attempting to note the licence plate number, the report further added.