With instances of eve-teasing rising everyday, this incident of a 23 year old standing up against her eve-teaser comes across as a welcome change.

Sadhvi Pandey, an Agra resident, alleged that the gunman of Samajwadi Party leader Abhinav Sharma had winked at her. Enraged by this, she climbed atop the leader’s Mercedes car, broke off his party flag and started attacking his windshield.

The Hindu

She also alleged that her mobile phone was smashed by the politician’s aides.

She got down the car only after she was issued an apology and 6,500/- as compensation for her broken phone. The entire incident was captured on video which is now going viral for all the right reasons. Check out this video by Times Now .


Meanwhile, Abhinav Sharma , the politician in question, first tried defending himself by saying that the woman had tried to ‘snatch his gold chain’ and that nobody should be allowed to take the law in their hands.