It’s a known fact that a number of people have been struggling to feed their families because of the ongoing global pandemic. In such tough times, a teenager is currently selling Chaat Kachori in order to support his family.

In the viral video clip, the 14-year-old from Ahmedabad was selling chaat to support his family.


Doyash Pathrabe, who originally posted the clip on his account, also requested everyone to help the kid in his caption.

As soon as the clip went viral, netizens started pouring in their support in every way possible.


As soon as the video went viral, people flocked to his stall to help the young boy.

It is so sad that he is forced to be on the street at such a tender age when he actually deserves to be in school and study. Rather than glorifying child labour, we should all take a step ahead for their education so that no child has to work at such a young age.