The All India Medical Association Doctors recently released a letter, telling the story of a fellow doctor who risked his own life to save a COVID patient from inevitable death.

Doctor Zahid, critical care resident was not even able to break his ramzaan fast, when he was called in for the transfer of the patient to the ICU.

However, on reaching the ambulance, he noticed that the patient was experiencing forced extubation (ejection of tube that helps a person breathe).

This could have been life threatening but doctor Zahid rose to the occasion, took off his goggles to be able to see better, and made sure that his patient survives.

He directly exposed himself to the virus, which understandably enough, may be questioned by some. But in that situation, if he had not, the patient would not have made it.

He chose to perform his duty without thinking about the risks.

Here is the full text of the statement released by the AIIMS doctors.

Dr. Zahid, DM critical care doctor at AIIMS, Delhi showed exceptional valour & dedication while catering to a Covid-19 patient. While on duty he was not even able to break his ramdaan fast when he was called for shifting a COVID positive intubated patient to the ICU.

Unfortunately, when Zahid reached the ambulance, he noted difficulty in ventilating the patient and suspected accidental extubation. He immediately decided to re-intubate. Owing to poor visibility through the PPE inside the ambulance, he decided to remove his goggles.

And then re-intubated the patient in such sub optimal condition keeping in mind the imminent death of the patient if he failed. He didn’t think twice before taking full blown aerosol exposure from the patient.

I don’t know how astute the decision was to put one self at risk. But Zahid definitely prevented an inevitable death. He got himself exposed to highest possible viral load just to deliver his duty. I don’t know if Zahid will contract COVID, but I pray that he comes out well and strong. I believe that the way he has proven his courage and mettle will be an encouragement to many others towards their selfless dedication to this profession. 

Dr. Zahid is now under quarantine and we pray that he comes out of it stronger.