An Air India Express aircraft that was travelling from Dubai to Kozhikode crashed after overshooting the runaway and going into the valley after the plane had landed at Karipur Airport. 

As per reports, the plane skidded off the rain-soaked runway while it was landing. 

It is being said that 191 people were on-board. Fire tenders and ambulances have rushed to their rescue. 

Reportedly, the pilot of the plane died due to the mishap. The aircraft fell 35 feet from the hilltop runway and the aircraft broke into two parts. 

It is said that heavy rainfall experienced in Kerala could be one of the reasons for the crashing. 

A rescue operation is currently underway and 15 ambulances have taken injured people to nearby hospitals according to reports.

The runway was a tabletop runway and landing was difficult. Fortunately, the A737 Boeing aircraft didn’t catch fire. 

There are no official reports out yet regarding the number of casualties or people injured.