Enough is enough, says Air India, as it has decided to ban requests from crew to be paired with ‘specific’ members of their choice, reports Times Of India.

The crew management system (CMS) which is responsible for preparing rosters for pilots and cabin crew reportedly was getting such requests frequently and the management has now decided not to entertain it any further terming it as “inappropriate”.

“Our top management has clamped down on the practice of pairing requests as it can play havoc with rostering system with people refusing to fly at the last minute unless sent with a member of their choice. And also we wanted to avoid any scandal,“ said Air India general manager (operations) Captain R S Sandhu, speaking to Times Of India.

b’Source: PTI’

This decision seems to have come in the wake of an incident which occurred about two months ago, when as many as 110 passengers aboard an Air India aircraft were forced to sit on the plane for two and half hours because the commander insisted for a “particular woman” co-pilot to operate the flight.

However, a senior AI commander, who’s name hasn’t been disclosed, speaking to Times Of India said that this “insistence” of crew wanting to be paired with certain members of choice, including by married people is a common practice across all airlines.

(Feature image source: Twitter | @timesofindia)