Air India has withdrawn its inflight magazine from all its aircraft on Saturday after protest over an article which talked about non-vegetarian prasad being cooked and served in the revered Jagannath Puri Temple,  Times of India reports. 

“Said to be the largest in the country, the Jagannath Temple’s kitchen in Puri since its inception has had an army of 500 cooks and 300 helpers to serve 100,000 people every day, round the clock, which means almost 285 varieties of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes every day….” the article titled “devotion can be delicious” in Air India’s inflight magazine Shubh Yatra read. 

The article attracted flak from various quarters on social media platforms, most of whom alleged that the content hurt the religious sentiments. 

However, the AI administration quickly swung into action and apologized for the error. Chairman & Managing Director of Air India Ashwani Lohani also took to Twitter saying their intention was not to hurt sentiments. He also said that all the magazine copies have been removed with immediate effect. 

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A senior airline official said told The Times of India that the article appeared in the October issue of the inflight magazine. 

Feature image source: Reuters