The coronavirus pandemic changed the lives of people across the world and in all cases, for worse. Everything came to a halt and that led to many people losing their jobs. 

One of them was Akshay Parkar, who used to work on 5-star cruises as a chef. 

Local Samosa

As traveling became almost an impossibility, many employees had to be fired but this didn’t kill Akshay’s spirit as he went on to open a road-side biryani stall to keep himself afloat while doing what he likes. 

He opened the shop in Dadar and sells veg biryani at ₹800/kg and non-veg biryani at ₹900/kg. 

Much deserved attention came his way when someone noticed his stall and put pictures of it, along with Akshay’s story, on Facebook. 

The post which is written in Marathi tells us that for 8 years, Akshay worked for Taj Flight Services and Princess Cruises.

The Better India

Well, good food is good food, no matter whether it’s served at a fancy restaurant or a stall. If you wish to taste Akshay’s now-famous biryani, you can head to his shop opposite Star Mall in JK Sawant Marg, Dadar.