Shashi, Tharoor, the giver of difficult words for us to memorise has introduced a new one, and it is already creating buzz. This time, it’s algospeak

In a tweet, he stated the meaning of the word that has to do with people’s behaviour on social media. 

Word used on social media posts to avoid using another that algorithms may identify as unsuitable or inappropriate, in order to bypass downranking by content moderation filters on social media platforms. Eg. using “unalive” rather than “dead”.

The internet was quick to notice that this could be in connection with the new set of words being ruled as ‘unparliamentrian’ in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

For the uninitiated, a new booklet released by Lok Sabha Secretariat had earlier ruled words like ‘jumlajeevi’, ‘betrayed’, ‘corrupt’, and ‘hypocrisy’, among others as ‘unparliamentary’, drawing sharp criticism from many, but mainly the opposition which pointed out that will make any debate extremely difficult. 

Now, we don’t want to take any credit away from Mr. Tharoor but the word Algospeak – presumably a combination of algo (for algorithm) and speak, has held people’s interest for a while and there has been a discussion about it on multiple platforms. 

Nevertheless, the ‘word of the day’ seems to have come back. Waiting for more.