Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief, Mohan Bhagwat, believes all 130 crore Indians are Hindus irrespective of their religion and culture.

Claiming only Hindutva can save the country, Bhagwat proposed that Hindutva was the way forward and not today’s polity and politicians.

The Hans India

According to India Today, Bhagwat said this while addressing close to 20,000 people at the ‘Vijay Sankalp Sabha‘ in Hyderabad’s Sharoornagar stadium. 

Pitching for ‘Dharma Vijay’ or the victory of Hindu religion, he said: 

The son of mother India, whether he may speak any language, from any region, follow any form of worship or not believing in worship of any is a Hindu. In this regard, for Sangh all the 130 crore people of India are Hindu society.

On a different note, he remembered the divisive policies of the British and asked for better unity between the Hindus and Muslims. 

Asking the Indian society to unite, he also quoted Rabindranath Tagore’s essay ‘Swadeshi Sabha’ towards the end of the program.