It’s been almost two years since the pandemic has been ravaging the whole world. Due to COVID-19 many industries, events and functions have either been shut down or postponed. This also included the Olympics. 

After waiting for a whole year, Olympics 2020 kickstarted on 23rd July in Tokyo although more than 80% of people were against it, as per a poll

A new wave of cases have been observed in Japan. Keeping the same in mind, the games began following all the safety protocols. 

And, going by the ‘new normal’, things are bound to be different this summer for the Tokyo Olympics. 

Will the athletes be tested for COVID-19? If yes, how many times? 

Yes, the athletes arriving in Japan will be tested twice. The test will be taken on different days but within 96 hours before their flight. Once they reach, they will be tested again. Competitors are also expected to download an app that’ll keep a track of their location and will be used for contact tracing. They will have to undergo a quarantine of 3 days when they reach Japan. They’ll only be allowed to indulge in games-related activities as long as they are testing negative. A daily rapid saliva antigen test will be conducted and if the results are positive or unclear, a PCR test will be done using the same sample.


Do they have to submit a daily report of their temperature? 

Reportedly, competitors will be required to submit their temperature or any symptoms they experience on a daily basis through an app. The same might be noted down when they enter the venue and will not be allowed to enter if their temperature is more than 99.5 degrees a second time. 

Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images/ ABC News

What happens if they test positive? 

After testing positive, the concerned athlete will have to go into insolation, and contact tracing will be performed to control the further spread of the virus.  

The Japan Times

Will they be allowed to hug or high-five each other? 

Keeping the protocols in mind, competitors have to stay 2 metres or 6 and a half feet away from each other. There will be an exception for when players are on the playing field. The can’t high-five, shake hands or hug. The same will be followed when eating. They are to either eat by themselves or stay 2 metres apart. 

AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko/ AP News

Can the participants explore Tokyo? 

The participants will only be allowed to visit the game venues along with other permitted locations and nothing more than that. Even the permitted venues will be limited in number. 


Do the players have to wear a mask all the time? 

The athletes have to wear a mask all the time except when they are eating, sleeping, training, or competing. Additionally, they can only make use of dedicated Olympic vehicles to commute. 

What will be the protocols for foriegn media? 

According to The Japan News, foreign journalists are likely to be tracked using GPS monitors. They will not be allowed to stay with their local friends. The number of accommodation provided to them will be dropped from 350 to 150. The journalists will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon their arrival. And, if anyone is caught violating the rules, they will be stripped of their credentials for the games. 

uichi Yamazaki/Pool Photo via AP/ AP News

How do these regulations impact the players coming from different countries? 

The number of people as a part of the respective country’s Olympic committee has been slimmed down. This means there will be controlled resources and lesser support members. 

Jae C Hong/AP/Shutterstock/ Variety

Will there be any spectators? 

Due to a hike in COVID-19 cases, a state of emergency was introduced in Tokyo. The emergency will be in function till 22nd August which means there will be no spectators this year. 

AFP-JIJI/ The Japan Times

The players will be putting the medals on themselves.

As per sources, the players will be seen putting medals around their own necks during the ceremonies. This is being done to avoid the spread of the virus. Along with that, the person putting the medals on the tray will do so while wearing gloves. 


Players will be given condoms after their departure from the Olympic Village.

Even the tradition of distributing condoms to participants will also be affected. It’s being said that the same will be distributed once they leave the Olympic village and not during their stay. 

FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images/ ET Online

The players are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages and drink it in their rooms for safety purposes. 

Well, Olympics 2020 is going to be very memorable.