By now, we’ve almost normalised the omnipresence of coronavirus. We’ve been battling it for months, and slowly, the country has been opening up on an economic and social front. However, just because there’s an outward normalcy, doesn’t mean the virus isn’t still ravaging the country.

According to NDTV, India has now become the 5th worst coronavirus-hit country after it recorded its largest jump of 9971 cases in just one day. This takes our total to 2,46,628.

India overtook Spain to become the recipient of this unhealthy title in just 24 hours.

Meanwhile, our country’s death toll has risen to 6929. We have the most number of cases after the US, Brazil, Russia, and the UK.

Almost 10,000 cases in a single day is a massive and highly worrying spike. Over and above this, the peak could still be 2 to 3 months away.


At this rate, we are on our way to having the most cases in the world unless immediate action is taken.