Where are you right now while you sit and read this article? In your cubicle at the office, hunched between colleagues and their work stations? Well, this article is going to make you feel bad. Very, very bad. Because while the walls of your office fall apart, here are 10 of the best office campuses in India which will make you hate yours even more:

1. Infosys Mysore

DISCLAIMER: The following pictures might confuse you, put you into a state of denial and finally break your heart because some people actually call this architectural marvel their office!

No, this is not the wide angle shot of the White House.


Here, take a closer look. This is not even a royal heritage property.


And definitely not a 5-star holiday resort.


No, not even a sports complex!


Or a multiplex!


This is Infosys’ Corporate Office in Mysore and they announce it from the sky.


2. Cybertecture Egg , Mumbai

The builders of this office campus took the saying “living in a shell” quite literally! Designed by James Law Cybertecture, this tough egg boasts of state-of-the-art virtual architecture, environmental design, ingenious control systems and evolutionary engineering. With its never-attempted-before design, this 33,000 square meters wide egg contains of offices and three underground levels which provide 400 parking spaces.


3. Fisheries Department Building, Hyderabad

However, crazy it might look, but not everyone gets to work inside a giant-sized FISH! Trust the fisheries department to take their work seriously; the department actually functions out of a 4-story fish building that was constructed in 2012 to function as an office for the National Fisheries Development in Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad. Oh, and before we forget, watch out for the huge silver fin at the entry of the office complex!


4. Tata Consultancy Services, Siruseri


Spread over 70 acres, this is the biggest software development facility of TCS.


Accommodating 25000 employees, TCS Siruseri’s butterfly-shaped campus comprises of 6 buildings on each side.


The office offers a state-of-the-art gym,outdoor running circuits, swimming pools and a small golf and driving range apart from an area of relaxation with lots of greenery.


5. I-Flex Solutions, Bangalore

This stunning piece of innovation in architecture stands out with its petal shaped unique blocks and compartments, in the complete Bagmane IT park. Spread over a sprawling floor space of over 144,000 square feet, the I-Flex solutions desks more than 1,500 employees at once. The beautiful office complex has a dedicated block for customer care and development activities and is known to be very efficient in its energy saving efforts, making it one of the most eco-friendly office complexes in India.


6. Shree Cement, Jaipur

The pink city is considered as the home for royal and ancestral architecture. However, adding an ultra-modern spin to its architecture, Shree cement’s LED studded office complex is a definite head turner. The company which backs itself as the leading raw material producer for the construction of most amazing structures, better have an awesome office themselves and their high-tech office complex is just that! Designed by Sanjay Puri architects, the office complex is also known as the ’72 Screens Building’. Adorned by the traditional art of ‘Jali’ or mesh, the Shree cements office complex is a true spectacle at night, when its gleaming LED lights come alive.


7. The South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center, New Delhi

At first, you’d pass this structure as any other monument of Delhi, but one good look at the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center and you’ll realise the magnificence of this meticulous brickwork. The 50 sqm plot boasts of an exemplary design which is spatially efficient and cost effective. The whole office complex is designed in such a way that the longer 10 m side is exposed to direct sun throughout the day. However, the most standout feature remains its twirling vertical stacks of bricks, which makes it a must visit.


8. The Twisted Bata Building, Gurgaon

We talked about the twisted bricks’ building, now it’s time for some twisted glass buildings and the Bata building in Gurgaon, Sector 17 is a case study. The unmissable architectural marvel is made up of each of twisted glass floors stacked upon each other.


However, what takes the cake is the ‘fallen’ glass cube right besides the building premises, which obviously is not ‘fallen’!


9. Engineering Design and Research Center, Chennai

The corporate world is considered to be made completely with concrete, with no interaction whatsoever with nature. However, EDRC has changed the rules of the game with its amazing construction and enables uninterrupted air-flow while sitting in the lap of lush green surroundings. No wonder, the EDRC building is ranked first among the list of top amazing green corporate offices in India.


10. Adobe Headquarters, Noida

Adobe develops softwares which make the world look like an amazingly beautiful place. It’s only natural that their office campus is amazing too! And boy, the Adobe Headquarter in Noida, doesn’t disappoint one bit. The campus is splashed with vibrant hues complementing Adobe’s brand colours and an innovative design which makes it a super fun place to work at. The state of art system technology combined with convenient working atmosphere easily makes it one of the coolest office campuses in India.


No, we did not encourage you to resign.