Ever wondered why online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon do not deliver in Noida anymore? We stumbled across this Facebook post that pondered over the same question. It’s taken from an earlier query posted on Quora .

That was the post shared on Facebook by Jency Jacob . This is what the post says:

Why Amazon and Flipkart do not deliver in Noida?

“Well, I can answer that. I am from Amazon and so, I am going anonymous. I work with risk investigation team at Amazon.

For some reasons the order abuse cases in these regions is higher that the Rest of India. People used to order IPhone and mention they got a Nokia model phone. They mentioned the IPhone was not working and so customer service used to initiate return and what did Amazon got in the return package, bricks, biscuit packets, cardboard pieces.Its very easy to play fraud with Amazon and Flipkart.

Our delivery boys were locked up in the bathrooms, some beaten up, for the most silly reasons ever, give me my change of 2 rupees, the POS not working, the order was late, order was not functioning.

These customers place the order just for fun using COD, the courier boy goes for the delivery and they say we did not order. Due to this, lot of logistics and Supply chain is lost.

Noida region is like Germany, they have highest fraud cases with Amazon. Educated, yet not.”

Here are some of the responses on the post:

This goes on to show how Uttar Pradesh market’s trustworthiness is at an all-time low. From fake addresses, thrashing delivery men, not making cash-on-delivery (COD) payments, looting to last minute cancellations, buyer-end malpractices have a tendency to elicit such a response from a company. So, next time you place an order with these online portals, make sure it is not for COD at some UP postal codes.

H/t: Manu Joseph