Indian food is extremely complicated. Forget the diaspora, even for most of us living in one part of the country, the spices from another part can be completely unrecognisable. But that’s not what this white dude writing for Washington Post thought. 

I mean, the people in this country don’t agree on anything but the range of our food is pretty damn big. You may not like it, it’s definitely not one spice! It’s not a potato salad with raisins, is what I am trying to say. 

Some Indian girl

Twitter, Indian and otherwise descended on the writer for his, I am gonna say, very racist take!

I know you guys will hate it but do give the article a read. It’s a gold mine of racist bullsh*t. And it’s unironically funny. Here, you can struggle for hours to get the right mixture of spices in a dish but some white boy gets paid to get write about how it’s just OnE SpIcE!