Due to the coronavirus outbreak, while humans are isolating, nature and wildlife is thriving. Even our rivers are become cleaner. 

According to reports, scientists have claimed that the water quality of river Ganga has improved significantly and is even fit for drinking. 

During an interview, a professor from IIT-BHU said:

One tenth of the pollutants in the Ganga come from industries, nearby hotels and other sources. With all of these shut, the quality of water has improved by forty to fifty percent. 

Apparently, over the past few weeks, the water level has also gone up due to heavy rainfall.


This is something that hasn’t happened in years so, naturally many people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. And, here’s what they had to say:

Amid the lockdown, the ghats in Haridwar have also become cleaner and marine life can also be seen in the waters. 

The lockdown has definitely had a positive impact on the environment.