The lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 might have forced us to stay at home, but is giving nature a chance to rejuvenate after decades. Cities are witnessing clean air and lesser traffic.

The effect of clean air was also visible in Jalandhar. Here, residents could see snow-clad Himalayan ranges.


After a curfew of 11 days, people in Jalandhar woke up to this enchanting view.

It is being believed that the mountain ranges visible in the pictures could be the Dhauladhar range, which lies at a distance of 213 km from Jalandhar.

Residents tried to capture this once in a lifetime view from the roofs of their homes.

Snow-capped mountains could also be seen from nearby areas like Pathankot and Hoshiarpur.

The world seems to be so different with all these mesmerising views.