The transgender community that’s often shunned by our society is standing in solidarity with the daily-wage workers and fighting the humanitarian crises by feeding hundreds of migrant labourers in Bareilly and Prayagraj. 

Al Jazeera ( Representational Image)

In Bareilly, a team of 50 transgenders is serving fruits, biscuits and water to the migrant labourers who have managed to return home after the lockdown. Prema, a trans who’s feeding these people understands that daily wage workers are dependent on their daily earnings for food. 

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Prema along with her friends is planning to start a community kitchen to provide the migrant labourers with cooked food but is currently waiting for the necessary local permission from the local administratives. 

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While the trans community in Bareilly manages to feed at least 100 people in a day, 30 transgenders have stationed themselves near temples to serve food and water bottles to migrants and the homeless in Prayagraj. 

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Ishwari, a transgender from Prayagraj, along with her group said that they were also educating people about the pandemic. They ensure that they follow all hygiene protocols. 

Rajesh Kumar is a migrant labourer who works in a biscuit factory. Recently he traveled on foot from Meerut to Varanasi and made a pit stop at Prayagraj where he was provided with food by this trans group. Expressing his gratitude he added:  

We always ridicule these people but today, they have been my saviour. After going without food for almost 70 hours, they gave me food and water. 
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While the entire nation is social-distancing themselves, these transgender communities standing at the forefront of the humanitarian crises and fighting the battle against hunger is an inspiration to us all.

H/T: News 18.