As the country (and the world) goes through its biggest crisis in decades, Bhartiya Janta Party has decided to hold ‘virtual rallies‘ in Bihar ahead of state elections that are supposed to happen later this year.

Called Bihar-Jansamvad, these rallies are aimed to reach millions of people through thousands of LED screens placed at various spots across the state.

This is especially for people who don’t have smartphones and hence the access to the internet.

This step from the party has garnered a lot of criticism, though, as it apparently cost ₹144 crore to set up 72,000 of these screens: A claim made by the opposition.

This money could have easily been used for the migrant workers pouring in the state in large numbers but the government’s priorities seem to be a bit different.

Meanwhile the BJP has denied that the cost/number of the LEDs was so high. In one report, the estimate is 20,000 LED screens, whereas another stated the numbers to be: 10,000 LEDs + 50,000 TV screens.

That’s not the point though. Whatever the number of screens and their cost is, we know for sure that it’s high. This money could have been used for the immediate problems the people of the state are facing.

In his speech Amit Shah also said that these virtual address was not for elections :

This rally has nothing to do with elections. The BJP believes in democracy. In the corona crisis, we cannot forget our tradition of public contact.

Well, okay then. But why is there no public contact with other states? 

There will be 75 such rallies, which really shouldn’t be the government’s priority right now, with the migrant workers, mostly from Bihar, returning home to nothing. What will they do with LEDs if they have nothing to eat?