The controversial Citizenship Amendment Act has led to widespread protests across the country, ever since it was passed by the parliament. It is believed that NRC combined with CAA is discriminatory against the Muslim population of India.

Recently, award-winning journalist Ravish Kumar talked about NRC and CAA at the Military Literature Festival in Chandigarh.

He started by saying that citizens are the foundation of this democracy and government and that it would be wrong if these citizens only are asked to show their documents to prove their Indian citizenship.

He put forward an important question by asking the journalists how they’d feel if someone asked them to prove their Indian citizenship.

Earlier speaking in the parliament, Amit Shah said that CAA does not intend to take away the rights of existing citizens, neither does it discriminate between Hindus and Muslims.

Ravish went on to talk about this and said that not mentioning any community in the act is equivalent to snatching their rights.

Later, he pointed out how this will not only be discriminatory to Muslims, the poor; but, also the women, who have scarce means and resources.

Urging people to decide their roles in everything that’s happening in the country, he said that this is a kind of cyclone that can cause huge destruction if we do not act now.

You can watch the complete interview here.