2020 has not exactly been kind to us and during times like this, it can get a bit overwhelming. So, if you’re looking for that silver lining or even just a ray of hope, then here are a few positive stories that might make you feel better. 

1. Tribal villagers collect money and construct road after administration fails to do so in Andhra

The villagers had waited for decades for the district administration to construct a road to the hilltop. But after no apparent progress, people of Chintamala took matters in their own hands. They collected Rs 10 lakh by selling their harvest and mortgaging their things. This road is 3.5 km long and connects them to Sagumarri village. 

The New Indian Express/ Express

2. Forest Department to create four new forests in Delhi 

Some of the forests are likely to be ready by the year-end which will enhance the green cover in the country capital. The upcoming forests will include butterfly zones, herbal patches, cacti gardens and water bodies. 

Economic Times

3. Yamuna river experiences more levels of dissolved oxygen 

Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Tata Centre for Development performed a study. They found out that due to the lockdown, the river had an increase in its level of dissolved oxygen. 

Economic Times

4. Keeper sleeps next to a baby elephant so that it doesn’t miss its mother 

In a post, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust explains that baby elephants sleep close to their mothers and herds in the wild. As the baby elephant was recently rescued, a keeper from the trust slept with him so that it feels comfortable and can get over his separation from its herd. 

5. Athletes boycotted events to protest against racial injustice 

Athletes in the US protested and boycotted sports events to stand against the wrongful shooting of Jacob Blake by the Wisconsin Police. This led to many sports events being cancelled including 2 major league baseball matches, 3 WNBA fixtures, 5 major league soccer games and 3 NBA playoff games. 

Reuters/ Independent

6. 22,000 girl students to get scooties in Assam 

Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma announced that girl students who have scored 1st division marks in the 12th’s state board examination will be given scooties.  A total of 22,000 girl students will be given one each by 15th October.

7. Orissa High Court allows 24-year-old to live with her same-sex partner

The girl’s family tried to forcibly get her married to a boy. Justice SK Mishra and Justice Savitri Ratho have asked the police to provide security to the partner of the woman so that they can start living together.

Orissa High Court

8. Two kids put band-aids on an injured puppy, are called ‘Kings Of India’ by the internet

While the exact location of the two is not known yet but these kids were seen nursing an injured puppy. One of them put the band-aids on the puppy and the other sat beside him and looked. Seeing this, people on the internet couldn’t help but appreciate this act of kindness.  

9. Paralympic athletes walk on ramp for a fashion show held in Japan

On Tuesday, a fashion show was held where Paralympic athletes walked down the ramp. Dressed in fashionable clothes, the athletes took part in the “Amputee Venus Show.” The show also included Kaeda Maegawa from Japan who came 4th in the long jump back in 2016 when Paralympics took place in Rio de Janeiro. 

10. Beluga whales who spent nearly a decade in an aquarium are brought to a sea sanctuary

Two beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White spent most of their lives up until now in an aquarium. But now they are brought back to the ocean. They will also be the first occupants of the ‘world’s first open water sanctuary for belugas.’ 


11. A farmer planted half-acre of his land with sorghum and pearl millets for birds to feed on

A 62-year-old Muthu Murugan has been farming at Kulathupalayam in Thondamuthur since the 1990s sans pesticides. He used to casually spread seeds on the fields so that birds could feed on them. But when he saw that more birds were turning up looking for food, he decided to dedicate a part of his area for the birds. 

ANI/ Hindustan Times

12. Wearing PPE kits, doctors trek to reach their patients 

Shri Krishna Hospital in Kakkinje, Belthangady Taluk in Dakshina Kannada is the only hospital in the 40km radius of the Charmadi area. The doctors took the decision to dress in PPE kits and trek their way to remote villages in the Western Ghats. Since the terrain makes it difficult for the ambulance to reach the locations, doctors sometimes have to trek for their patients. The hospital has a small team of doctors working in a 30-bed facility. 

The Logical Indian

Seems like there’s still hope in the world.