The Coronavirus scare has taken the entire world to panic town. Measures of precautions in workplaces and at home are being taken to steer clear from the danger zone. But amidst the coronavirus panic and reminding people to sanitise their hands, this oil company in Saudi has forgotten the basic essence of humanity.  

Middle East Eye

Recently, images of a foreign worker wearing a large hand sanitiser dispenser across his shoulders and walking down the halls of Saudi based oil company has gone viral.


Coming across as a racist and exploitative act, a worker from Aramco, wearing a mask along with a human-sized box of a hand sanitiser was seen approaching the staff in and around the office premise. 


Twitter is condemning this inhumane act while calling out the exploitative nature of the company: 

After facing backlash, Aramco has issued a public statement: 

The company has immediately stopped this act and has taken steps to prevent it from happening again.