Lashing out at opposition Congress for having no ideology, BJP President Amit Shah on Friday kicked a row after he called Mahatma Gandhi a “bahut chatur baniya ( a very clever baniya) for not joining the party after independence, a report in The Indian Express says. 

“The Congress is not a party based on one ideology or one principle, it is a special purpose vehicle to gain independence…this is why Mahatma Gandhi with foresight, he was a very clever baniya, he knew what was going to happen, he said immediately after independence that the Congress should be dissolved. He didn’t do it, but some people are now completing the job of dissolving it. He had said this because the Congress had no ideology, was not formed based on a principle, and did not have any principle to run the country or government,” Shah said.

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Shah made these comments at a gathering of “eminent persons” of Chhattisgarh where he’s on a three-day trip to strengthen the party.  

According to Shah, in contrary to Congress, the BJP’s stand on issues comes due to the “clarity of thought.” He also hit out at Congress for it dynastic politics in choosing its President, which Shah said, is not the case with BJP.  

However, Twitter was scathing in its critique of Shah for his comment on Mahatma Gandhi. He also received flak from senior political leaders of the country.  

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