Amit Shah has been busy campaigning for the upcoming elections in Bihar. While on his campaigning tour he hit a little snafu during his stay at the state guest house in Patna. Amit Shah and three other senior BJP leaders got stuck in a lift, and it was a good 40 minutes before they were rescued.

It appears that the guest house did not have security measures in place in case of such an emergency. There was no one who could open the lift, there was no lift operator and the politicians trapped inside could not call for help as their cell phones had no signal. After 40 minutes an executive decision was made, it was time for the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to step in. They tore the steel doors apart and returned the BJP president to safety.

Shah promptly returned back to Delhi where he is most likely plotting the downfall of those in-charge of the state guest house in Patna.

Staying within the range of dark thought here, let us think for a moment what would happen if the lift could not be opened and instead it plummeted to the ground, leaving Amit Shah and the three other leaders severely injured or an unfortunate meeting with their makers. National holiday, packed roads, Amit Shah marg and Amit Shah diwas…

BJP would even sweep Bihar on sympathy votes. What would Modi do without him, anyway?

But, wow that is awfully dank a thought. Whew. Thankfully, we don’t have to go into any of this at the moment because Amit Shah is safe and sound, he was rescued by the security forces and he has returned to the comforts of the capital. The same can’t be said for the management at the state guest house, they will no doubt be in for a rude awakening. One does not simply put Amit Shah’s life at risk and get away with it.

Meanwhile, on a slightly lighter note, Lalu Prasad Yadav has a pretty valid response to Shah getting stuck in the lift. He says Bihar’s lifts are too small for Shah.