Understandably, there is a lot of anger against the Jayalalithaa government after the large scale flooding in large parts of Tamil Nadu. But then her party evidently has figured how to try and gain goodwill.

There are now complaints that the Tamil Nadu chief minister’s party are trying to ensure goodwill for her by pasting her stickers on all relief material.

The stickers allegedly used. Source: Balaganesh Dhandapani ‘s Facebook post

In some cases they are being accused of pasting the stickers of material that has not been arranged for by the government or the party.

So packets of relief material that are going out look like this:

Some are accusing her party of even attempting to hijack relief material:

According to a Times of India report, senior ministers from the government visited the chief minister’s constituency only to be heckled and surrounded by people. This reportedly forced them to leave earlier and with much less goodwill than they expected.

The government’s desire to gain as much as possible from relief work is perhaps a trademark of her government’s policies in which it is seen as the sole provider to the needy supplying everything from ‘Amma water’ to ‘Amma idlis’.

Also, elections are just round the corner and the chief minister is perhaps trying to minimise the effect of the bad press she has been getting following the floods in the state. But in the desire to project Jayalalithaa as the ultimate benefactor to the state’s people, the chief minister’s party may just be alienating already disgruntled voters.