He was probably never going to become the Chief Minister, but when it comes to memes, gifs and Twitter trolling, there was only one winner on the day of counting in Tamil Nadu.

The one and only ‘Captain’ Vijayakanth.

The third front of DMDK-PWF-TMC, which projected itself as an alternative to the Dravidian majors, was nowhere in the lead as the election counting began on Thursday morning. And the front’s Chief Ministerial candidate and actor-turned politician Vijayakanth was trailing in the third spot in Ulundurpet!

Leading by example, so to speak.

UPDATE: He lost in the seat he was contesting from. So badly that he lost deposit!

And the trolling began in right earnest:

What about his decision to form a coalition?

Of course, a few ‘alcohol’ jokes had to be made! 

The man who has dominated the meme world…

…roughly translates to “So many of you put memes, but did any of you put vote?”

And then the .gifs. Oh, the .gifs!

For what it’s worth, here is our contribution to the cause.

And perhaps the most cruel, and by extension funniest we think, was this:

He might be losing the election badly, but Captain Vijayakant has won our hearts!