We are happy that all workplaces give women equal rights and equal pay, and that gender has nothing to do with how talented and accomplished you are. Oh, wait! That’s a parallel universe in my head. 

Unfortunately, things don’t work like that. 

Giving foolproof evidence to the existing sexism in the world, PayPal, in a very bold yet absolutely ironic move, has decided that there needs to be gender inclusion within the workplace.

Now, that’s a great move, PayPal. Appreciate it. If you’re wondering what’s the irony in it, well, the panel comprises an all-male team. Yes, PayPal intends to discuss gender inclusion without any woman member on the panel.

This is what the invitation reads:

Please join us for a discussion with our senior male leaders Edwin Aoki, Sri Shivananda, Jonathan Auerbach, Franz Paasche moderated by Karthik Suri about how men and women can partner to achieve a better workplace.

I believe, that when you say partner, you mean that you want women to work together with you and make the workplace a better environment, right? It’s commendable to see that you’re making efforts, but how do you intend to implement gender inclusion when there is not a single woman on the panel? 

Not one woman on the panel for a major discussion concerning women?

Last month, India had its own tryst with blatant sexism when Colors TV announced the jury for the Most Influential Women In Media, Marketing and Advertising. Guess what the was jury like? Yes, you guessed it right, it was an all-male jury again.


It’s sad to see irony die thousand deaths because of such stupid and outrageous sexism.

Dear men,

Is it too much to ask to include us in a discussion about us? That would be nice, you know.

H/T: Feministing