When it comes to viral content or just feel-good internet content, cute animal videos and photos are undoubtedly on the top. 

But, it looks like something, or rather, someone has overtaken even the cute animals! 

Because the latest video that has gone viral on the internet is this zoo keeper's epic dance on live-stream. 

In Australia, the Melbourne Zoo decided to live-stream videos of animals for people in self-isolation. And from wandering zebras to naughty Snow Leopard cubs, the live stream shows it all. 

But, an unexpected view was zoo keeper Adam Porter's dance on the live stream. Reddit user, kingdomphylumclass, took the video from the live stream and posted it on Reddit. And pretty soon, it went viral. 

From his dance moves to the exit with a sashay, he keeps the viewers thoroughly entertained though his apparently spontaneous dance performance. 

Adam is a full-time athlete and part-time zookeeper. Though those dance moves have us thinking, he should be a dancer!

People were quick to enjoy and share the video: 

"I like to move it, move it, Ya like to move it!"

All images from the original video, unless specified otherwise.