Pindadaan‘ being the last rituals for when a loved one departs, which in this context meant getting rid of toxic relationships. And ‘Pisachini Mukti Puja’ generally referring to getting rid of a devil or evil spirit, which in this case are feminists. 

An organisation in Karnataka called ‘Save Indian Family’ which promotes gender equality and family harmony recently performed a Pindadaan and Pisachini Mukti Puja to drive away ‘feminists’ who are apparently plaguing the country.   

This organisation launched a poster signifying the death of the #MeToo campaign and how men are framed due to the new era of ‘digital-mob-lynching.’

Reportedly, the spokesperson of the organisation added, 

The puja is symbolic for us. It will help get rid of this cancer (feminism); to us, the #MeToo movement is rakshasa and needs to be eradicated. Feminism is why families are breaking at the drop of a hat in India. It is destroying the cohesion that holds families together. We might do it again in order to eradicate the evil that is feminism. 

Apparently, a lot of Twitter users agreed to this Pisachini Mukti Puja and posted tweets dissing the female gender. 

Hope puja’s like these could’ve been performed for real purposes like climate change and casteism.