After the audio of a Tech Mahindra employee being asked to quit by a human resource person went viral, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to apologise for the incident.

In the 6:45-minute long audio clip, the company’s HR executive was heard asking the employee to put in his papers by 10 am the next day or his services at the company will be terminated. 

While the employee kept pleading with the HR about such a short notice, the latter sternly told him that there is no room for ‘flexibility’ in this case. 

The conversation is heartbreaking, to say the least.

The HR can be heard telling the man: “Cost optimisation is happening at the company and your name is part of that list. If you can put in papers we will be treating it as a normal exit with June 15 as last working day, if not, we will be sending you a termination letter.”

The employee can be heard pleading with the HR about such a short notice.

Employee: “Give me some time at least, as a human being.”

But the HR executive sternly puts him down and says, “If you read your offer letter you would know the clause under which we are asking you to leave. It was mentioned in the offer letter. Then, why did you accept the offer letter…The company reserves all the right to ask a employee to leave any moment. I can ask you to leave today, at the end of the day also.”

After much haggling he finally gives up and says, “Please understand my situation. That’s very unfortunate madam.”

You can hear the audio here:

As the clip went viral on social media, Tech Mahindra was slammed by all and sundry for wrongfully terminating an employee.

Seems that’s why the company is in a damage control mode. Earlier in the day, MD & CEO of Tech Mahindra also expressed regret about the incident.

But will they give the sacked employee his job back?