Every now and then, Anand Mahindra keeps posting pictures of common people with innovative ideas and smart inventions.  

Times of India

And today was no different. 

He posted a video of a man sitting on a machine that cleans the floor as it moves forward. 

He mentioned that even though he doesn’t like jugaads, it’s really impressive when they are innovative like this one. 

India TV

People from the remotest areas of India have caught the business magnate’s attention on multiple occasions before, proving that you need skills to be an engineer and not a degree. 

Like this one guy, who had modified his auto into a Scorpio.

Anand Mahindra was so impressed by his creation that he gifted him a brand new commercial four-wheeler, in exchange of that. 

The auto-turned-SUV now sits in Mahindra’s company museum. 

Twitter/Anand Mahindra

A lot of people on Twitter appreciated him for his efforts towards making these ideas popular.

We need more people with such jugaads like these and definitely more people like Anand Mahindra to fund and inspire them.