Petty crime or any other legal wrong. We’ve all experienced it in some form or the other, as victims or witnesses. And yet, when we choose to fight injustice, we’re often dissed by those around us. We’d hear something like, ‘Don’t even bother. You’ll lose years and money in court, and justice will not be served.’ But every once in a while, emerges a hero who reminds us that the law was made for us in the first place, to fight for what’s right. Here’s a story of how a small town tea vendor has proved that justice can be won. Inspired much?

Meet Rajesh Sakre, a tea vendor from Bhopal, who took up the challenge of fighting his own case as he did not have the money to hire a lawyer. The result? He won the case against State Bank of India, one of the biggest banks in the country.

According to Bhopal Samachar , Rajesh had withdrawn ₹10,800 from the ₹20,000 in his bank account, but his account showed a zero balance on his following visit to the ATM. Rajesh tried everything, from complaining to the authorities at the bank, to even contacting the head office in Mumbai to address his concern. After several failed attempts, Rajesh finally filed a case in the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

With no money to hire a lawyer, he decided to fight it out as a one man army. It’s been four years since he first challenged the bank, but he has managed to arm-twist the bank to get back his money.

The bank that was initially blaming Sakre, was unable to produce proof to back their claim that the money in question (₹9,200) was withdrawn by him. Sakre won the case in the consumer court on June 16 2015.

He is now due to receive ₹9,200 along with 6% interest, from the State Bank of India, within two months. He will also additionally receive a total of ₹12,000 as compensation for the mental anguish caused to him and the legal expenses incurred.