One of the tragedies of life is that the best ones go first. That holds especially true for a doctor who passed away recently from Covid-19. It’s saddening to see health workers succumb to the virus, and this story is especially emotive.

According to The News Minute, 76-year-old Dr KM Ismail Hussain, famous for charging only 2 rupees from patients, passed away on April 14. He used to work at a hospital in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

He was a well known and beloved doctor who is said to have almost never refused a patient. According to many of the people he treated, the doctor never looked at the money people were giving, and he had great empathy towards those who needed treatment but couldn’t pay. 

The News Minute

It is not known who he contracted the virus from, but since he was working at a red zone, it could have been from anyone.

The Build Media

It’s a true loss not just for patients, but also for the medical fraternity as a whole. They lost a good doctor and a great human being.