Sri Chandrasekhara Guru Paduka Peetam and Sri Ramayana Navahnika Yagna Trust have fed over 6 lakh people in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh during the lockdown.

According to The New Indian Express, Vishnubhatla Anjaneya Chayanulu established this Trust 27 years ago. Vishnubhatla Yagna Narayana Avadhani, his younger son, said it began with the production of 50 kilos of food for distribution it in a slum in town.

The food wasn’t sufficient for all the families in that street. So, my brother and I went around the town and identified some 15 areas where nearly 6,000 people lost their livelihood due to the pandemic and suffering from hunger pangs.

They engaged local chefs who had lost work to prepare the food, and distributed it in 15 areas.

Soon, many people from across the country came forward to donate. With their help, the food distribution was continued for 120 days.

They spent Rs 2 crore over 120 days to feed 6 lakh people during the lockdown. A job well done!