There’s duty. There’s beyond duty. Then there’s this police officer who went out of her way to carry the dead body of an old, homeless man for 2 kilometres and performed his last rites when the locals refused to help.

The incident reportedly took place in a village on the outskirts Srikakulam district’s coastal town of Palasa and a video of the cop is going viral on social media.

Identified as K Sirisha, the sub inspector noticed the dead body in the fields and requested the locals to help. When they refused, she came forward and carried the body on her shoulders with the help of another individual.

Netizens are saluting the officer for her humanitarian gesture.

Sirisha, daughter of a mason and mother to a 12-year-old, feels proud of her job. Talking to TOI, she said:

I joined the police service to serve people and extend my services to the society. The dead deserve dignity too. I only did my duty.

We are proud of her too.