While the world raves about MCU’s newest offering, a closely related tragic incident comes forth from Andra Pradesh.

In a freak incident, 43-year-old man reportedly died while watching Avengers: Infinity War. The incident took place at Cinehub Multiplex, Proddatur, Kadapa district, reports the Times of India.


According to the police, the man, Peddapasupula Baasha, worked at a construction site and went to watch the movie to celebrate his May Day holiday.

As per reports, when the film ended, Baasha was found sitting still in his seat. The staff at the theatre assumed the man was staying for the end credits scene. 

But sadly, he was motionless long after the credits had rolled and the scene had ended.

YouTube/ Marvel

Upon realising something was not right, the theatre staff went to inspect the scene. Once they removed the man’s 3D glasses they found that although his eyes were open, he had died long before.

While the man’s body has been sent to a local government hospital for investigation, the police are suspecting death by natural causes or cardiac arrest. A case (section 174) has been filed owing to the suspicious nature of the incident.