After Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel allegedly termed India as a ‘poor country’, the entire nation was outraged. 

To teach Snapchat a lesson, thousands of miffed users uninstalled the app and left a one-star rating. Their efforts paid off well too as Snapchat’s rating on the App Store dropped to a “single star” on Sunday morning after #boycottsnapchat trended the whole day on Twitter. 

But in the midst of this, e-commerce website Snapdeal too got dragged in the drama with no reason at all. Except for confusion!

What happened?

In their anger, some ignorant users apparently mistook Snapchat for Snapdeal (for having ‘snap’ in its name) and started uninstalling it that instead. This gaffe was spotted when people took to Twitter to post screenshots of Snapdeal’s App Store reviews. 

Check the hilarity that ensued

Perhaps this will sum it up for you