If you are a millennial, then you have had the privilege of carrying a phone to your classrooms during lectures. It’s harmless, mostly. A little bit of social media or some games does not hurt anyone. Except for the professor, it seems. 

Business Insider

Apparently a lecture in the P.E.S Institute of Technology was interrupted when the lecturer spotted two students using their cellphones in the classroom. A OnePlus 5T to be exact. 

Naturally, he was pissed. But shit hit the fan when he decided not only to humiliate the student but smash the expensive phone on the ground. 


Now, we understand the anger at being interrupted but this seemed like a bit of an overreaction. Especially when the student was seemingly apologetic about his behaviour and was trying to explain the situation.

The high-octane dramatic moment seems to have been captured by another student with a cellphone in the back. That was some thug life moment, bro!


Do you think this was too much of an overreaction on the part of the teacher or was it entirely the students’ fault? Whatever the case is, it still brings up the debate about whether mobile phones should be allowed into classrooms.  

We would like to mention that the video had first been shared on Reddit and was subsequently found on YouTube and we cannot speak for or verify the authenticity of the source.