Disclaimer: Some pictures in this article are distressing. Reader discretion is advised.

In a shocking and enraging incident reported from Delhi, animal lovers doing a great deal of work for the welfare of stray dogs in the city were allegedly subjected to physical attack.

The matter came to surface after Instagram page GoodDot uploaded a video showing a woman named Ayesha and her team members at Neighbourhood Woof, injured and soaked in blood after being attacked for merely doing their job.

In the video, Ayesha says:

We have just been beaten up for catching dogs. Somebody came and spoke to our staff badly as usual. We are supposed to shut up and take this nonsense all the time. So when we decided to stand up for our voice to be heard, this is what is done to us.

She then shows how other people who are a part of the group, were also left badly injured.

As for their car, it was also damaged and broken by the perpetrators.

She goes on to add that this is routine and something they have gotten used to. 

Ayesha further shows the police officers, casually listening to the matter, with no sense of urgency. 

An attack like this on people who are only trying to help animals cannot be criticised enough and we hope strict measures are taken against those behind this attack. You can watch the complete video of Ayesha narrating the horrific incident here:

ScoopWhoop reached out to Ayesha and her team and we are currently waiting for their response.